The Federation of Ampfield & John Keble C of E Primary Schools


John Keble CofE Primary School is an 'Aided' school. This means that it is 'aided' by the Local Authority but the Governing Body is the admissions authority. However, if you would like to apply for a place at our school, you should do so through Hampshire County Council (the Local Authority) after talking to us about availability in your required year groups.

How to apply

We welcome children and families from in and out of the catchment area.  If you are interested in joining us, contact the school office and arrange a tour. 

After receiving notification of your application via the Local Authority, we will send you an offer letter, if we have spaces. You should contact us within 10 days to accept the offer and make arrangements for your child to start school with us. If we are full in a year group and we cannot accept your application, we will ask if you wish your child to be added to the Waiting List. You can contact the Local Authority to discuss which other schools may have availabilty and/or to seek information about making an Appeal.

Parents of children with an Education and Health Care Plans must consult with their current school and Special Educational Needs team to conduct an early review and to request a change to the school named in the EHCP. Any child with an Education and Health Care Plan naming John Keble Church of England Primary School will be admitted. Where possible, such children will be admitted within PAN.

Most of our children move on to Kings' School in Winchester, although several go to different schools at the end of Year 6. As a feeder school, children who attend our school are listed on the Kings' Admission Policy oversubscription criteria:

7. Children living out of the catchment area who at the time of application are on the roll of Colden Common Primary School, Compton All Saints C of E Primary School, John Keble CE Primary School, Oliver's Battery Primary School, St Faith's CE Primary School, St Peter's Catholic Primary School (Winchester) or Stanmore Primary School.

 Admission Policies

Following a decision of the Schools Adjudicator (VAR2277 and VAR2283), this admission policy was revised on 24 February 2023, to give effect to that decision. Consequently, the wording for oversubscription criterion 2 has been revised, further information relating to permanent residency has been provided and wording regarding attending worship at a church has also been revised.

 Some Voluntary Aided schools use Christian commitment in their admissions criteria so that Christian parents can have their regular attendance at worship taken into account. The school then ask parents to provide a declaration of their Christian commitment usually by regular attendance at worship in a Christian church. This evidence is often on a form where you declare your attendance and have that validated by a priest or minister of the church you attend. The form is called a Supplementary Information Form. Please note that we do not apply the 'Faith' criterion when managing applications to our school. This is in line with the original Trust Deed and original mission to provide free education to those living in our area, regardless of whether they are of faith, no faith or of different faith. Therefore, parents applying for a school place in Year R do not have to complete a Supplementary Information Form.