The Federation of Ampfield & John Keble C of E Primary Schools

Starting School




A warm welcome to our families starting in September 2023. 

Here is some useful information for you to refer to:

Welcome Booklet

How could you travel to school

SLS Ready for School - great books to read before starting school

Back to basics - family wellbeing



School Nursing Team

Welcome letter from the School Nursing Team

Immunisation Leaflet

Each school has a different nursing team.  The contact information is below.



 C&F New Forest & Romsey School Nurse Team

4-6 Sterne Road

Tatchbury Mount, Calmore SO40 2RZ

Tel: 023 8231 1981

 John Keble:

C&F Winchester & Andover SCN

Tidbury Farm, Bullington Cross

Sutton Scotney SO21 3QQ

Tel: 01962 763985


Barnardo's Resources

Barnardo's have put together these resources and tips for 'nurturing young brains' which you may find useful.

Top Tips

  • Relax, play and talk often
  • Encourage independence in daily routines
  • Whatever you might be feeling, stay positive about starting school
  • Encourage a growth mindset – you are a brain builder
  • It’s never too late to do things differently


Supporting video clips

The Triune Brain (voice of the child):

How Can You Help Us: A Guide to Co-regulation Leading to Self-regulation: