The Federation of Ampfield & John Keble C of E Primary Schools

Early Years

Our curriculum is built on our aspirations for the children while they are in the foundation stage here at John Keble. 
We pride ourselves on having an inclusive learning environment with aspirations for each and every child enabling them all to succeed, whatever their starting point may be.  
Over the year, we have three milestones which fall typically at the end of each term. Within this, we slowly build up the skills that they need to enable them to achieve the aspirations and to also prepare them with a love of learning, key learning skills and the core foundations. Therefore, giving them the best possible start to their learning journey here at our school and beyond. 
The rationale behind our curriculum has been taken from the key programmes of study from the DfE and Child Development research. You can see in each area where the research has been used to design and build our curriculum for our cohort of children. 




programmes of study and child devleopment in our curriculum website.pdf