John Keble CofE Primary School

Faith In Learning

Head of School: Paul O'Brien

Year 6

Year 6 Residential 2018

It's another new year and and our Year 6 children are enjoying lovely weather in our New Forest base for their week-long residential. The children get to try lots of different activities throughout the day and into the evening. Miss Chalk is leading the residential with Mr Roe (Mon-Wed), Mr O'Brien (Wed-Fri) and Mrs Elliott. Mrs Wheeler and Mrs Martin are also lead groups during the day. We are grateful for the parents in allowing us to take their children away for such a long time. They have a great time here but will be coming back to you very tired and with some fantastic memories.

Monday 24 September
After the delayed bus came to pick us up from school, we hot-footed it across to the New Forest, in time for a beatifully sunning tour of the grounds. The children were thrilled with the large servings at lunch and were well prepared for the two afternoon activities. A hearty evening meak of spaghetti bolognese and a yummy apple and blackberry crumble with custard was very much enjoyed before a 'fashion show' and bedtime story in the Drawing Room. Lights Out came all too soon but the adults were amazed at how quickly the children settled and reported no disturbances during the night! Amazing!




Tuesday 25 September
A 'Full English' was on the menu to start the day and some of the children helped themselves to a bowl or three of cereal. The children are definitely not going hungry on this residential. The groups had four activities during the day, such as mountain biking, abseiling, kayaking and canoeing. It was lovely to see the children overcome their fears and try something new. Like at school, jacket potatoes were very popular at lunchtime and so is the salad bar; who'd have thought?! The evening meal was sweet and sour chicken (or Quorn) with rice, followed by profiteroles... We sang some songs around the campfire and the children entertained us with their own performances. Heating marshmallows on the campfire was a highlight for many! We then sat and listened to the evening sounds of nature and even spotted the International Space Station pass overhead.

Wednesday 26 September
Mr Roe and Mr O'Brien swap over and the children take a day trip (on foot!) to a local village.




Year 6 Residental 2017

This is an amazing experience for the children and a challenge for everyone in some way or other. We're having a thoroughly busy time with lots of activities. We're posting a very small amount of photos here while we're away but we will be sharing more with you when we return.


Hello from the Year 6 Residential! We've arrived safe and sound, unpacked and made a great start to the week. The children were really impressed with the grounds and were full of excitement for the activities ahead. The children took part in a range of activities, had dinner (roast chicken, roast potatoes and veg) and then ended the evening with our night time walk - very exciting indeed! We saw three bats at the start of our walk and later we heard an owl. I think we were a litlte too noisy to see the deer! Monday night was full of excitement and the children slept mostly well. I think we need to tire them out a little more tomorrow.



Tuesday started a little misty, creating a wonderful autumnal atmosphere across the grounds. Straight from bed down for the very first cooked breakfast which helped us to be ready for a full day of activities. Different groups were making full use of the grounds with climbing, kayaking, canoeing, raft building, mountain biking and low/high ropes. The children have enjoyed three lovely hot meals today with the profiteroles going down very well! This evening, we have played table tennis, table football, pool, games and a big quiz. It was a classmate's birthday so we ended the day with two cakes and a rendition of 'Happy Birthday'!


After a very solid night's sleep (the children were tired out after a full day of activities), the children had a rather civilised continental breakfast and a slower start to the day. We talked about resilience (needing to have a positive attitude, be optimistic and be able to regulate our emotions) before putting it to the test with an orienteering activity that took the children all around the grounds. The first group back reported that this advice was helpful when dealing with seven people who all had different ideas about where to go! We had a picnic lunch out on the terrace in the sunshine before engaging in some indoor activities. Mr Roe and Mrs Elliott worked to get the campfire going (with damp wood, it wasn't easy) so that the children could 'toast' some marshmallows by the fire! The rain started so we all headed up to the house for our evening meal (Pie Night!) and the arrival of Mr O'Brien.

ArcheryClimbing WallDown at the Lake

High RopesHigh BarTeam Development

Shelter BuildingRaft BuildingEvening Fun



The sun was shining all day and we had a cracking time during a whole host of different activities. It all started with a cooked breakfast for all, followed by high ropes, climbing and cycling to name but a few. Fish and chips for lunch and burgers for dinner - a great way to spend our last night. Operation 'Disco' is now fully under way with each room putting the final touches on their glad rags - the children just can't believe where the week has gone! The staff here are all very busy getting everything ready for the special visit tomorrow and we are going to benefit by having a full day of activities before we leave! Remember that we arrive back at John Keble tomorrow for about 5:30pm after a 4:30pm departure time.


Do remember that next Wednesday, October 4, there will be a Year 6 Sharing Assembly at 9am where lots of stories and photographs will be shared! These photos are only a tiny snap shot of events so please do join us for more next week. Similarly, Mr Leeming, the Headteacher at Kings' will be in at 6pm on Tuesday 3 October for an Information Evening.

A brief message from Mr Roe:
Thank you so much for allowing us to take your children away for a full week. They have had a great time and have learnt a lot about overcoming challenges as well as having fun. My thanks also go to the teachers and support staff who have given up time away from their families to enable the trip to happen. It has been a pleasure to look after your children this week but going on a residential is very demanding! I know that they will go home on Friday evening and enjoy some peace and quiet! See you all next week!


Who committed the crime?

This week , we started our new literacy topic, The Highwayman. We each visited the crime scene at different times and reported back to our groups. With the given information, we had to speculate what the crime could have been; the clues then allowed us to write informative police reports. Many of us thought that it couldn't have been a highwayman as valulables were left at the scene, however we also questioned the words on the blood stained letter as prehaps it was a highwayman's wife who had been murdered.

What do you think happened?

Children In Need

After watching Children In Need, we were inspired to raise money. From collecting copper coins, digging around for old foreign coins and a delicious cake sale- we raised an amazing £228.67! Well done Year 6's!


Royal Brittania 

Sketches of The Queen

 This term we are looking at significant monarchs. To get the topic started, we discussed what we knew about our queen by describing her with many exciting adjectives. With the descriptive phrases in mind, we choose oil pastels, water colours or pencils to sketch a portrait of Her Royal Majesty. 

King Henry visits Year 6!

On Monday 26th February, Year 6 had a visit from Good King Hal ( King henry v111). We learnt many things from him including law and order, where wastage and sewage was put, and the royal family tree. We also did lots of actvities such as: a quiz and a jousting tournament. There were many facts we didn't know, like when King Henry married Anne Boleyn, she held a bouquet of flowers to hide her pregnant stomach, which is where the tradition is thought to have orginated. We had a fantastic day and were very lucky to have had the opportunity as everyone had a laugh throughout.

Written by Lali and Tilly.



Charlie in the stocksjousting


Magistrate visit

On February 28th, Year 6 had a visit from two magistrates, they taught us about the different roles in court and how different cases could be dealt with, We also learnt that the magistrates would sentence criminals who committed less serious crimes, but if they thought the crime was more serious then the magistrates would send the criminal to the Crown Court. They did this because they could only sentence up to 6 months.

We looked at the case of Andy Pincher, who stole a bicycle. First we had to order the stages that eventually led to Andy's sentencing. 

After that we held our own court. We were allocated roles; magistrates, witnesses, lawyers and more. In the end, the magistrates didn't have enough evidence and so Andy Pincher was free to go.

Written by Gabi, Charlie and Ben


Year 6 winners!

On Friday 27th April, 6 Year 6's were picked to go and represent John Keble in a football tournament organised by The Saints Academy. We played some brilliant football and worked incredibly hard as a  team, which got us in the final. The final ended 1-1 so it went to penalties. After the first round of penalties, things were still even, so a fair decision was made, naming both teams winners! An added bonus of the tournament was getting to stand very close to the real Premier League trophy but we couldn't touch it. Thank you boys for showing class, brilliant sportsmanship and team work! You made Mrs Kempson proud!

football winners


To celebrate the wedding of Harry and Megan, a photo booth was set up in the hall. With masks and props, Year 6 took it in turns to create some hilarious images. Who do you think looks the funniest?



Life saving skills- 21st May 2018

Year 6 were lucky enough to have a visit from the Hampshire Little Life Savers team. They are a charitable organisation that run drop in sessions, to help children learn basic life saving skills. Some the skills we looked at were: what do if you see a friend choking, how to give CPR and how to put an unconscious person in to the recovery postion. Well done Year 6 for showing brilliant manners and all listening so intently! 


Year 6 Thanksgiving Service - Winchester Cathedral, Friday 16th June 2017

Y6 attended a thanksgiving service at Winchester Cathedral today. This is a yearly celebration aimed at helping pupils to reflect on their growth andCathedral service development during their time at primary school and to give thanks for the staff and schools who have helped them along their journey. The children had a chance to have an informal tour of the cathedral, followed by lunch on the green and the service after that. Our children were complemented on their behaviour and singing, so well done Year 6! Thank you again to all those who helped with the logistics on the day.

2017 General Election


Our Year 6 class took a keen interest in this years General Election. With the support and help of Mrs Pears, the children learned all about the history and origins of key terms such as manifesto, left wing, right wing, coalition, hung parliament and many others. The children had an opportunity to discuss the pros and cons of democracy and allowing people to vote. The class then developed their own political parties - realising that not everyone within the party may have the same ideas! Each party then created their own manifesto and battled for each vote.

The children were hugely enthused and had a great time. They also recently wrote letters to political leaders outlining the areas that they feel need most attention. So far we have had responses from The Conservative Party and Labour - in two very contrasting styles; ask the children and they will fill you in! It is really superb to see young people taking such an interest in politics and the future well being of our country. Well done to all.

World Book Day

To celebrate World Book Day we thought about characters from some of our favourite books and produced some vegetable creations of them:

Year 6 UNICEF Project - December 2016
As many of you already know, we have been raising money for UNICEF. We were so deeply impacted by what we have learnt with Mr O’Brien that we have put our all into many fundraising projects. As a class we have raised a £2500 – we feel that this is an incredible achievement for our class. We are extremely proud of this, not just because of how much we have raised but because of the genorous responses from everyone to our project and that shows that people in our school and wider community care about others.