John Keble CofE Primary School

Faith In Learning

Head of School: Paul O'Brien

Year 5

Summer 1

Surviving the Stone Age and conquering the climbing wall!


The children had a great start to their Stone Age topic with a fantastic archaeology day at the Hillier Gardens. Children learnt what it was like to be an archaeologist, had the opportunity to analyse real Stone Age artefacts (including a fossilised mammoth’s tooth!), dug up and analysed their own archaeological findings, made a fire and cooked a Stone Age treat, as well as many more exciting activities! The children were brilliantly engaged and the staff at the gardens enjoyed teaching such a superb class.



Year 5 also had the opportunity to go to Calshot activity centre to experience archery, rock climbing, and skiing! The children enjoyed trying new things and Miss Wood loved to see such courage and perseverance with some really tricky tasks!




Spring 2

A jam packed half term! This term, children all had the opportunity to practice and develop their cycling skills when the Bikeability team came to school. The class were superb and Miss Wood and Mr O’Brien were blown away by how incredibly responsible and resilient they were.



Spring 1 

What a brilliant half term! The children have been hard at work learning all about space this half term; making informative presentations, writing about wonderful sci-fi settings and characters, calculating their journey to the moon, and working with Mr O'Brien to create some fantastic CAM mechanism models.



As a class, we have been reading ‘A Wrinkle in Time’, which has engaged and enthused everyone, and we can’t wait for the new film to come out! This enthusiasm has resulted in some incredible writing across the class in their imaginative sci-fi stories.


Autumn 2

Year 5 have had an amazing second half term and have really enjoyed their World War Two topic! The children have learnt all about what it would be like to be a child evacuee during the war and had the incredible opportunity to experience it for themselves on their Testwood Lakes trip, where they had a fantastic day dressed as evacuees and completeing typical duties for a child in the 1940s in The New Forest. The children had great fun but also were taught about how difficult and frightening it must have been for children at the time. 

Thank you to everyone who came to our last sharing Assembly; the children loved sharing their work and singing 'Shine' for you all!

Thank you also to those who attended our Christmas Advent Service in the church. The Year 5 and 6 children all worked really hard and spent a long time putting together a service that the children and teachers are all very proud of. We look forward to more exciting learning in the New Year! Merry Christmas!

Autumn 1

What a great start to a new year! The room has had a lick of paint and is all shiny and new! The children have made a really positive start to the year and have helped Miss Wood settle in to her brand new school. It has been very noticable in Year 5 that all of the children are taking great care and pride in their school uniform - long may that continue! Year 5 have also been learning about the importance of talking about your feelings and being a good friend; they really have grasped the opportunity to show everyone what they are made of so far this year.

Please do come along to our Sharing Assembly on Friday 13 November at 9am to find out what exciting things we have been upto!

Fairground Ride Topic - June 2017

Fairgrounds Fairgrounds Fairgrounds

Fairgrounds Fairgrounds Fairgrounds Fairgrounds Fairgrounds

In Yr5, we have been exploring forces after our trip to Paulton's Park and as part of this we built our own fairground rides out of Knex. It was really fiddly but it helped us understand which forces were used for each type of ride.

Visit to IBM - 28/4/17

On Friday 28th April 2017, Year 5 were lucky enough to get given the chance to visit the IBM site in Hursley. Firstly we went to the emerging technology laboratory. When we were inside we first saw the virtual reality equipment - you can see some of us having a go in the photos above. There was also a really interesting and cute robot called Pippa, who spoke to us and moved - everyone loved her! We also learnt that power lines can get too hot, they melt and cost millions of pounds to replace. To stop this happening, IBM have created special sensors that mointor the temperature of power lines such that we can tell if they are beginning to overheat. Next we saw a computer with a Star Wars advert on the screen. We were told that this computer had been taught lots of information about Star Wars, so much so that it could show us clips from the films based small details that we told it to find - this was really interesting. Finally we visited an interesting laboratory where there was a machine that sensed the weather. It changed light colours according to whether it was going to rain or not. The lights went green if it was not going to rain, blue if it was going to rain and red if it was already raining! By Lali and James.

Year 5 Book Sale - 30/3/17

Thank you to all those who supported our second hand book sale. This, together with other intiatives that some of our class have undertaken, means we have raised just over £300 so far for Age UK - we are really pleased to be able to send this donation to them!

On Tuesday 28th February, Mrs Atkins organised a WWII evacuation day in order to help us understand a little bit about what is was like for children at that time. We did several activities that we enjoyed including darning socks, making vegetable soup, learning how to march, composting in the garden area, cracking secret codes and making bunting for a street party. We also had help from Miss Austin to learn how to swing dance. Some of us were quite reluctant at the start but I think everyone enjoyed it. We finished the day with a really enjoyable street party.
Imagine you had to leave your family as a young child and go and live with people you didn’t know in the country. It was a horrible experience for some but a really good one for others as life in the country could be much nicer than that in the city. Our class had a great day and we hope you were interested to read about our day – Naiya, Tilly, Lali and Isla.

Christmas Tea Party
On Wednesday, Year 5 held a tea party for those in the community who are over 65 and about 35 visitors came for an enjoyable afternoon. The children were excellent at welcoming and entertaining our guests and we have had some lovely feedback, some of which we thought we would share with you:
‘The children were so polite, enthusiastic, confident and happy to engage in conversation. They are a credit to your school and its principles.’
‘I particularly enjoyed being met at the door – such good manners - very politely offered tea and coffee, shown to my seat, and then the opportunity to talk to so many lovely Year 5s.’
‘We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and it brightened our week!’
Thank you to all those who gave up some time to come and support the running of the event. Well done Year 5 – your efforts gave a lot of pleasure to those who came along and is another great example of showing love towards others.