John Keble CofE Primary School

Faith In Learning

Head of School: Paul O'Brien

Year 4

Thank you to everyone who joined us for our first Sharing Assembly of this year; the children did an incredible job and we are all very proud of them. If that was what they are capable of now, then we are very excited about the year ahead. It was really lovely to see and hear the children singing with such confidence and enthusiasm.


Pop it in the diary now, our next Sharing is on Friday 10 November at 9am! Come back and check in on us before then too, we will have some great learning to share with you!


Year 4 Anglo-Saxon Day

‘The first two activities of the day were t Anglo-Saxon team building activities. Firstly we played a ship landing game. We had a tennis ball as cargo and we had guttering as ships. There were two teams and we raced each other to different hoops. Next we had an uninflated tyre tube to fit through. The first team made a mistake by going through it all together when you were meant to go through as individuals. Our next activity was dying materials. We had a basket and had to collect plant material. Will, our Anglo-Saxon visitor, cooked the plants over a fire. The colours we made weren’t very exciting because we didn’t collect any bright colours. In the afternoon we learnt how to make a bow, cook drop scones and make necklaces. We finished by replaying the Battle of Hastings!’

By Naomi Moffat

Year 4 Roman Day
Monday 12th December was Y4’s Roman Day. A Roman from the past, a man called Dominus, came in and taught us some interesting things about Roman life, such as: they used sponges instead of toilet paper! The Romans believed in Gods like Mars, Jupiter, Neptune, Pluto, Apollo, Diana and Aphrodite. He also told us that Romans used the bath house to clean instead of having one at home. Overall the class enjoyed the day a lot and learnt a lot of things – Thomas A and Cameron.