John Keble CofE Primary School

Faith In Learning

Head of School: Paul O'Brien

Year 3


Making Stonehenge.


After learning all about Stonehenge and the theories behind the reason it was built, Year 3 had a go at building the structure out of biscuits. The difficulty of the task gave the children some idea of how hard it must have been for people in prehistoric times to have achieved such an amazing feat (and we learnt that the biscuits Mrs Atkins bought were just too crumbly – Alex Plant).


We then used our cutting skills to create a 3D paper model and will be using this to explore where the sun rises during the summer and winter solstice.



Spring 2

Year 3 have been hard at work securing their written methods for all calculation this term. they’ve worked really hard and everyone is very impressed with their efforts.

The children have really enjoyed learning about forces in Science with Mrs Sills. They have explored how to make cars move faster or slower and also how to know if something will be attracted to a magnet or not. It’s great to see the children getting really engrossed in their experiments.

Our new book for literacy this half term is the Mudcrusts. The Mudcrusts are a Stone age family who are torn between moving to a new and glamourous cave or staying put in their swamp, which has the advantage of being near a Pong pit. We will post some examples of the fantastic discussion texts that the children are planning at the moment.


Autumn Term

Welcome back after half term. This looks like it is already going to be abusy half term so keep an eye on the webpage and on the newsletter for all the exciting events coming up.

Year 3 had a fantastic time on our school trip to Testwood Lakes last month. The weather was lovely and the children got to see first hand different river features and even got to make their own water cycle and soil!