John Keble CofE Primary School

Faith In Learning

Head of School: Paul O'Brien

Year 2

We have been learning about rainforests this term. The children wanted to draw rainforest pictures in Discovery Time and loved being outside experiementing with colour.



This term we are learning about the Titanic. The children have been history detectives and found lots of exciting facts about the 'Unsinkable ship'. They have created posters to advertise the journey and have been researching a person of their choice who set sail on the Titanic. We have created a dance the re-creates scenes from the Titanic and used water colours to paint the ship.

We are all really looking forward to our Titanic museum trip  at Sea City and our 'Titanic day' on 1st December. The children will be coming to school dressed as the person they have been researching. They will be taking part in role-play and drama, to bring together everything they have learned this term.

Pond Dipping - June 2017

On Tuesday 13th June we went to visit our school habitats. We went to the pond area for the first time this year to see what was living in our pond. We found some conkers that had been submerged in the water for a long period of time which had caused them to germinate. The seeds were growing on the outside of the conker. Both groups found some small frogs in the murky, swampy pond. We also found a wriggly, slimey black leech that was floating through the water; it went really fast like a penguin and it was hard to catch because it kept zooming away from us. We also found a water boatman, water beetle, snails, a gnome, a dragonfly as well as lots of other things. Whilst the other group were doing pond dipping we also went on a habitat hunt on the school fields. We had to put a hoop on the ground and see what we could find. We then had a go at creating a classification table to show what we had found. Because we are great explorers, we found the most bugs around the outside of the field under the horse chestnut tree. We discovered: worms, spiders, centipedes, different kinds of ants, flys, woodlice, grasshoppers, butterflies and many other minibeasts. We had a great time being explorers!

pond dipping pond dipping pond dipping pond dipping pond dipping

Africa Talk

On the morning of Friday 31st March, Year 2 had a visitor called Peter. Peter is Elijah's grandad who used to be a vicar at a church in Bursledon. Peter has visited Uganda, Africa ten times to help to build a school and to also help children in need. Our current topic is Africa and he came in to help us with our learning. First he taught us all a song which began in English and then it was in Swahili; the song was about God being good. Peter played the guitar and we sung along. He then showed us some fantastic pictures of animals, instruments, mountains, houses, schools, caves and markets. In one of the pictures there were some guards with a rifle who were there to protect the people from the animals; they also had guides who carried all of their things for them on their heads. Peter then showed us some instruments, clothing, a stool and a table.The stool and the table had three legs because if they had four legs in a mud house it wouldn't be able to balance. Most of it was hand carved out of wood because that is one of the few materials to which they have access. Some of the instruments were made from animal skins. Peter also taught us how to draw a picture of an elephant (his was better than Miss Flood's!). Thank you so much for visiting us at John Keble and for all of the lovely things that you have donated. From everyone in year 2 :)

Y2 Trip to Marwell Zoo
On Friday 3rd February, Year 2 had a very wet and windy visit to Marwell. The children had lots of fun exploring the zoo, jumping in puddles but more importantly learning about Rainforest animals and their habitats. Miss Flood would like to extend a big thank you to all of the parent helpers who supported the trip.