John Keble CofE Primary School

Faith In Learning

Head of School: Paul O'Brien

Year 1


Spring 1


Over the Christmas holidays Mr Norris found a nest of eggs in the gardening area, he taped the section off and told us to keep away. We helped Mr Norris to investigate what might have happened and searched for clues. After some sightings year one decided that some dragons have been to school. We wrote a newspaper report so Mr Norris knew what had happened.

As part of our learning we have since designed our own dragons and we will be creating a non-fiction book to let people know all about them.  

 Autumn 2

Christmas Lunch

Today we enjoyed our Christmas lunch, we had lots of fun pulling crackers and eating a yummy roast dinnner. 

It's a Party

Our very busy Christmas festivities continue as we performed in our nativity 'It's a Party' this year. We worked really hard to learn lots of new songs and dances; we went onto the stage and sung as loud as we could. We made our teacher very proud and it was lovely to see so many people there to watch us. 


We were really lucky to have a special invitiation from Santa to go and visit him at IBM. We walked through the magical grotto before we met him; we were all really lucky to receive some chocolate!

Palace House-Beaulieu

We have been learning about toys through time this half term and we visited Palace House in Beaulieu to learn about Victorian times. We experienced a Victorian Christmas and we all had a wonderful day. 

Listen to Me Concert

We have been lucky enough to have Listen To Me this term from Hampshire Music Service, we had a concert where we were able to show all of our learning from this term. We have been playing drums and percussion instruments. 


As part of our topic on real life superheroes we were lucky to have some opticians visit us in school. We found it really fascinating to learn about our eyes and how they work. We enjoyed looking at all of the specialist equipment. 

Autumn 1

Naughty Bus adventures

We have been writing our own stories based on the book Naughty Bus, we shared these with a year 3 buddy. The Naughty Bus has been up to a lot of mischief!

Measuring our hands

We have been learning all about ourselves for topic this half term and the different people who help us. As part of this learning we have been measuring how tall we are. We wanted to find out who has the biggest hand, so we made handprints and measured them. Miss Flood's hand was the biggest but we had guessed this!

Telling the time

We have been learning to tell the time to the nearest hour, some of us made our own watches so that we could tell the time. 


The vetinary surgeon from Chandler's Ford Vets came in to speak to us about how he helps us. He would help us if our pets were poorly. Richard spoke to us about all the different things he has to do and what he does to help the animals. We had lots of fun putting bandages on pretend animals and asking lots of questions. 


The dentist has been in! We learnt all about the different things that contain lots of sugars and why it is important we only have little bits of this. He taught us how to brush our teeth properly and some of us got a pink tongue. 


We were very lucky because a doctor came in and spoke about what she does to help us, lots of us have been to the doctors before and so had some interesting questions to ask her. We were lucky to do a lucky dip into her special bag and we learnt what the different things the doctors use do and what they are for.


The police came into visit us with their police cars. We asked them lots of questions about what they do and how they helped us. We were allowed to try on some of their uniform, some of it was very heavy. We went inside the police car and we were even allowed to press a button. We learnt that the police will help us when we need them and they really aren't very scary!


We were really lucky to have the ambulance and two paramedics come to visit us in class. We asked lots of interesting questions and learnt a lot about all of the equipment that they have to use. We were able to use some of this special equipment and see what they do with it in an emergency. We learnt that the ambulance will help us if we are very poorly and the siren is really very loud!




Summer 1

Olympians visit

To round off a very busy half term we had and Olympian and  a Paralympian come and visit us at school. To begin with they told us all about how they managed to become who they are and the journey they took. We learnt that they had to believe in themselves and how the journey wasn't always easy but because they didn't give up they achieved their dreams. We then went outside and did some sports with each of them. We also got to hold the gold medal.


Golden Geckho

We went to Golden Geckho on a school trip to learn all about rock climbing. When we got there we saw the walls and they looked terrifying. Before long however the children soon mastered the skills and were all reaching the top of the walls! Some were given challenges to only use one colour whilst others challenged themselves to go on the harder walls. They were beautifully behaved and did an excellent job at representing John Keble. Thank you to the helpers who came with us. 


Pond dipping

We went outside to explore our school pond to find out what different animals lived there. We had to be very careful near the pond and make sure we looked after the animals we caught by putting it straight into some water. We found lots of exciting things such as tadpoles and pond skaters. We had to use an identification chart to find out which animals we had caught if we were unsure. 


Outdoor art

We have been learning how to draw a self portrait. After we had looked closely at all of our features we went outside and created portraits of our friends using natural resources. 

Royal wedding

We had a red, white and blue day to celebrate the royal wedding. As part of this day we went into the hall and had a photo booth where there were lots of props. We had great fun with the year 6 children trying these all out. Can you guess who is in the pictures? 

Growing plants

We have been learning about Jim and the Beanstalk in our writing learning. This has also linked to our science larning of 'Great Growing Greens.' We planted our beans and we put them where we thought they would grow the best. We then completed our bean diary as we watched the plants grow taller. Some didn't grow at all so we looked at what plants needed to grow and thought about why we might need to water them if they are kept inside.

Outdoor learning

We have really enjoyed going outside and exploring our new outdoor classrooms. We have had lots of fun doing our maths and writing outside but also going out and doing forest school activities. A big thank you to our wonderful PTA for developing these areas to help us with our learning. 

Making boats

As part of our science and our design and technology learning we made some boats that we had to try and float. We were given lots of different materials to choose from then we designed our boat before we built it, carefully selecting which materials would be waterproof and materials that would float. After we tested them we spoke about why our boats floated or why they sunk. 

Spring walk 

We finally managed to go out into our wonderful school grounds and do our Spring walk. We were able to recognise that the trees had started to blossom and things were beginning to grow. 



Welcome back

Welcome back to school; we are excited about beginning our new topic of learning as we launch around the world to find out about food from the 7 continents and growing plants.

I was really excited after school to find out the new grand total of Tom's cake sale is £375! What an incredible amount; this is an amazing achievement for Tom and the rest of the year ones because they all came together to support the wonderful charity 'Save the Children Syria Appeal.' A huge thank you to all those who helped, baked or ate the cakes; a fantastic way to start this new term.

Spring 2



In RE we have been learning about the meaning of Easter and led the Easter service with the year 5 children earlier in the week. The children all read clearly and confidently and were all amazing when placing the daffodils on the cross. Thank you to all those who supported them.

As part of our design and technology work the children created Easter decorations in the shape of an egg and decorated it using paint. We thought about how we could use different parts of the paint brush to create different patterns and for different techniques.  We then applied these when making Easter cards. Happy Easter everybody, have a super break! 

Cake sale 

Tom had heard about the children in Syria who had become refugees and decided he wanted to do something to help. He wrote a letter to Mr O'Brien to see if he could do a bake sale and that is where it began. With the support of his friends Tom managed to raise an incredible £289.25 for the 'Save the Children Syria appeal.' Thank you to all of those who baked cakes or bought a cake and supported Tom in his mission to help others- what an amazing achievement! 


Traditional rhymes

We have been learning about poems and rhymes and have been performing them to each other. We looked at the rhyme 'London's burning' and we started to think about how many syllables are in each line. We then wrote our own versions before we performed them to the class. Here are some of ours: 



 'Hursley's burning, Hursley's burning

Fetch the water, Fetch the water

Pour pour, Pour pour

Save the horses, Save the horses.'

By Felicity and Amelie 


'Jasper's dancing, Jasper's dancing    

Put on music, Put on music 

Boogey Boogey, Boogey Boogey

It's amazing, It's amazing' 

By Jasper and Nicholas 


Lily’s crying, Lily’s crying

Tell the teacher, Tell the teacher

Quick quick, Quick quick

Get the tissues, Get the tissues

By Lily and Emily


Darcey’s drowning, Darcey’s drowning

Fetch the lifeguard, Fetch the lifeguard

Help help, Help help

Save her quickly, Save her quickly.

By Darcington



Science investigations


This afternoon we had to find out which material would be best to make an umbrella for Pirate Pete.  We decided that the umbrella needed to be waterproof and so we looked at the selection Miss Flood had given us and predicted what we thought would be the best. We then used a pipette to squirt 5 drops of water on each material to see whether the material was waterproof. We found rubber and plastic the best materials for an umbrella. 


Sports afternoon

On Tuesday afternoon we were lucky to be invited to a KS1 sports event at Winchester stadium. We were involved in lots of activities including: javellin, long jump, relay and hula hooping. We had lots of fun- thank you to all the adults that helped.


Another Snow Day!

We were so excited when we got to school after it had snowed last night. We were going to go on a Spring walk today but instead we had some fun playing in the snow with our friends at break time.




Pirate Pete's party




Friday was the big day we have been working towards for this half term. It was Pirate Pete's party. We all dressed up as pirates and decorated cakes and made some swords. This afternoon Pirate Pete came to his party and we gave him all of the cards we had made and his presents. Luckily he managed to find us using the maps we made for him earlier in the half term.


Pirate Map Maths

This morning we found treasure and x marks the spot. We had to use chalks to draw a map and then use directions to guide a pirate to find the treasure. We had to use the words: forwards, backwards, half a turn, quarter turn and a whole turn to get them to the treasure.  We had lots of fun.

By Nicholas


Book day

On Tuesday we had our book day and we had to dress up as different book characters. Can you guess who we are? 


We shared the books which had our characters in; we found out about lots of new books. One of the teachers was Toothless from How to train a dragon- it was very funny!

In writing at the moment we are learning about the book 'Pirates Love Underpants.' We had to design our very own underpants and created a story map following the order of the story.



By Harry B



Snow day


When we got to school the fields and the playground were covered in snow! We had lots of fun playing outside in the snow and making snow angels.

We had a bottle of ice that melted at school yesterday; we put it in the freezer and it turned back to ice. We put the bottle of ice outside this morning and it is still ice now! 

Remember to stay safe in the snow everyone and make sure you wear warm clothes because the ice is very cold. 

By Emily and Tom


Spring 1 - Dragons and castles

In maths we got to make dragon potions using water and colouring; we used different containers to make different amounts. We had to make a potion for 6 different dragons who needed different amounts to drink. 

In writing we created our very own dragons using junk modelling and then we had to write instructions using bossy words to tell somebody how we made the dragons.

We saw a video of a dragon being spotted in America and then  a dragon landed at John Keble Primary School! We had to tell the year 5's all about it; we had a go at writing a newspaper using our senses to describe what had happened. We then imagined what the dragon looked like and created a non-fiction leaflet all about our dragons and collaged our imaginary dragons. We hid them in the hall and went on a dragon hunt with our year 5 buddys and then we shared our non-fiction writing. 

We had lots and lots of fun learning about dragons!

By Harry B and Lydia

Autumn 2 

This half term we have begun to travel through time. We have made our own time travelling hats and time machines using our creative skills. Last week we looked at the toys our parents played with and what school was like for them- it wasn't very different!

Victorian Christmas

We had an excellent day visiting Beaulieu Motor museum where the children were able to experience a Victorian Christmas. Lots of the children highlighted the hot chocolate and biscuit as their favourite part. We were allowed to go on a big old red bus to Palace house where we met Lord Henry and his wife Lady Cecily. We went into the kitchen and met the cook who told us about all of the bells which all had different tunes for different rooms so the cooks knew who wanted dinner!  All of the children had lots of fun.

Dray and Timo 


A big welcome to all of our new Year 1 children! We have had a great first few weeks and have made a really positive transition from our Year R routines to those of Year 1. We are really excited about the year ahead and hope that you will be able to join us for The Harvest Festival, at All Saints Church in Hursley, at 9:30am on Friday 29 September!

Victorian Day - 26th May 2017

Victorian Day Victorian Day

Here are a couple of photos from our Victorian day. We played Victorian playground games and experienced a Victorian school day by doing handwriting, drill and sang the national anthem. A number of the class think they would like to go to a Victorian school, mant did not!

Jack's Adventure Monday 3rd April 2017

On the 3rd April, Year 1 went on an adventure to find a golden egg and magic harp for Jack (Jack and the Beanstalk), which had been stolen by the giant. Before the adventure they researched the different countries they thought they may have to go to and designed and made an explorer hat. Throughout the adventure the children had to problem solve and work as a team. They were successful and were rewarded with a special golden medal by Jack's mother. Well done Year 1!

Year 1 Medieval Day
On Friday 17th February, Year 1 had great fun celebrating Medieval Day which included dressing up, jousting and a banquet! Their knight training from last week came in handy – I hope that all the knights showed great chivalry towards the ladies!

Y1 King Arthur Day
On Wednesday 8th February, Year 1 had a very special visitor: King Arthur! They had lots of fun making tunics, swords, potions and bread. They also passed their knight training and were knighted by King Arthur before the end of the day. The realm of John Keble is now in safe hands!