John Keble CofE Primary School

Faith In Learning

Head of School: Paul O'Brien


Parking and Vehicles on Site

We want to keep everyone SAFE when visiting our school site. We also have a duty to act sensibly, with consideration to other road users and with respect for local residents and land owners.

Vehicular access to our school is limited to help reduce the risk of accidents. We ask that staff, parents and visitors to our school respect the requests detailed on this page. Parking is a regular item on our Federation Newsletters.

Vehicle Access to John Keble School

In accordance with our Vehicles On Site Policy, we allow parents to drop off their children in the morning from 8.40am to 8.55am, when the school day starts. Parents and children with accessibility and/or medical needs may apply to the school office for a Permit to Park on site at the beginning and end of the day. Parents picking children up from school during the day may use the visitor spaces (next to the admin offices) as short stay parking. The school gate will be closed at 2.30pm and no access for pick up is allowed (except for those with a permit).

Parking On Site

There are a number of short stay/ visitor parking bays found next to the admin offices. Staff should park in the Staff Car Park area and may need to double park to allow all staff to park in this area. Parents should not use the Staff Car Park as their car may well be blocked until a suitable time of the day when the member of staff can move their car. There is to be no parking in the turning circle area and no parking on the left hand side of the driveway leading to the turning circle during the morning drop off period. Parents should not park in the Accessible spaces as these are needed at any time. There is to be no parking on the entrance drive to the school at any time. Parents accessing the Breakfast Club may use the visitor spaces to drop off.

Parking Off Site

As with most schools, there is not the provision for parents to park in great numbers on site. Unusually, our school is situated on a Private Road and the owners (IBM) have determined that there is to be no parking along Hursley Park Road which is marked with double yellow lines. Security personnel monitor this road at key times and will ask anyone parking there to move on.There is parking available in the village and, currently, the landlords of both pubs allow parents to use their facilities in the morning and at pick up without charge. When stopping at the Dolphin Pub, please do not use the rear car park in the afternoons. Parents must show consideration towards local residents, other road users and pedestrians when parking at the end of the day. Parents are reminded not to block driveways, park on pavements or park in a way that would restrict access for emergency vehicles or within 10 metres of a junction. ) IBM has very kindly agreed for parents to use the Deep South Car Park for pick up and drop off although this is under constant review and may, at any time, be withdrawn. This is on the understanding that parents use the site respectfully and agree to park considerately and use the site safely.

Kiss & Drop

This service is provided from 8.40 to 8.55am. School starts at 8.55am so all children should be in their classrooms at this time. 8.40am is when there is a member of staff on duty. We are obliged to provide supervision before school of at least 10 minutes. We give 15 minutes for children to arrive and settle in their classrooms before the register opens at 8.55am. No children should arrive before 8.40am without an adult as there is no supervision before this time.

‘Kiss & Drop’ works well when it is quick and efficient. Driving slowing on to the school site, turning left and moving towards the turning circle, cars should then stop outside the double gates to the field, deposit their children as fast as possible and then move on. It is safer to let the child out of the car on the passenger side of the car. The car behind the first car may also let their children out of the passenger side of the car and allow their children to walk along the fence to the gate. On no account should children be let out of the car elsewhere on the lead up to the turning circle as this means that they have to pass in front of drivers leaving the turning circle. We do not want children to be crossing the path of cars. Please be patient – if parents try to keep the drop off as short as possible, the queue of cars does move quite smoothly. Drivers should resist the urge to manoeuvre in the turning circle or elsewhere in order to bypass the line. Parents should report any concerns to school staff and should not, on any occasion, begin a dispute which could be witnessed by children arriving at school. At all times, drivers must be aware of children moving around on site who, as we know from experience, are likely to behave erratically! Drivers should leave adequate space for vehicles parked in the Accessible spaces and be considerate of parents moving children in and out of the cars in wheelchairs. These children are, at these times, particularly vulnerable. We would recommend, however, that you try to use the Park & Stride facilities in and around the village to reduce congestion on Hursley Park Road and Main Road. Walking is healthier!

Inappropriate and Inconsiderate Behaviour

The school expects all users of the school site to respect the fact that we are a school and focused on the health, safety and well-being of children. Inappropriate and inconsiderate behaviour will not be tolerated and may lead to a formal request to park elsewhere. It is accepted that there is no easy solution to parking around a village school such as ours but we must act with decorum and respect for other people. If possible, we ask that local people walk to school. Abusive behaviour towards school staff will not be tolerated and may result in parents being asked to leave the site and park elsewhere.

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