The Federation of Ampfield & John Keble CofE Primary Schools

Faith In Learning

Executive Headteacher: Marcus Roe

Federation Newsletters

We know how good communication is important to parents and we aim to keep everybody informed of what is happening in our schools. Every fortnight, the Executive Headteacher writes the 'Federation News' which goes out to all parents, staff and governors. This has a 'federation' focus and provides an overview of what is happening from the Executive Headteacher's point of view. Every other week, the Heads of School and Admin Teams write a 'School Newsletter' which is specific to the individual schools. You can find these newsletters by visiting the school websites. Separate letters from teachers and the admin teams will go to parents about trips, visits, clubs and other activities.

*You will need a program installed on your computer to view the file, which is in PDF format - if you do not have one installed already, click here to download one.