Ampfield CofE Primary School

Faith In Learning

Head of School: Catherine McElhinney


The Office for Standards in Education, Children's Services and Skills (OFSTED) inspects and regulates the care of children and young people, and the education and skills of learners of all ages.

An inspector came to visit for two days in June 2018 and judged the school to have maintained its GOOD categorisation, with all areas identified as GOOD.

In summary, the key findings were:

  • The executive headteacher leads a dedicated staff team whose members ensure that pupils enjoy learning and achieve well. Parents and carers report how happy their children are to attend school because of the care and support that each child receives.
  • The school’s strong educational partnership with the larger John Keble Church of England Primary School has supported recent improvements to the quality of teaching and learning. As a result, pupils are making increasingly strong progress in reading and writing.
  • Pupils behave well in lessons and around the school. They have positive relations with the adults who work with them and with each other. Pupils attend well and enjoy coming to school to learn and play with their friends.
  • The many pupils who start at the school at different times of the year are helped to settle quickly and they make very strong progress, often catching up on much of the learning they have previously missed.
  • A highly committed governing body supports and challenges leaders to improve the school. Governors are ambitious for pupils to reach high standards.
  • Children make a successful start to school in the Reception class. They develop confident communication skills both with adults and between each other. Children quickly become competent to read, write and use numbers.
  • Leaders have recently enhanced the ways in which they use teachers’ assessments to check on pupils’ progress. Additional teaching helps pupils who need to catch up, particularly disadvantaged pupils. Many of them now make secure gains in rates of progress.
  • Leaders are aware that pupils do not consistently have tasks that are set at the right level of challenge. In mathematics, pupils do not have enough opportunities to apply what they know.
  • Teachers and other adults help pupils to understand what they are learning. However, pupils do not know clearly the next steps that would help them to reach a higher standard in their work.
  • The curriculum covers all subjects and engages pupils’ interest, but it does not provide enough opportunities for pupils to deepen their learning or to develop independence.

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Ofsted 2018 front page 2018

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