The Federation of Ampfield & John Keble CofE Primary Schools

Faith In Learning

Executive Headteacher: Marcus Roe

Governor Information

Here are details of our governor responsibilities and meeting attendance.

NameCategoryAppointed ByTerm Of Office (no. of years & end date)Committee membershipResponsibilities
Peter Mason Foundation Governor Diocese 4 22/04/2019   Chair of Governors
Toby Guest Parent Governor Parents 4 31/12/2018    
Nick Pitters Foundation Governor Diocese 4      
Kristin Tridimas Foundation Governor Diocese 4 31/08/2021 HT Performance Management Committee  
William Prescott Foundation Governor
Diocese      Pay Committee  
Marcus Roe Executive HT  FGB        
Victoria Ashdown Foundation Governor
Diocese     HT Performance Management Committee  
Hannah Howard LA Governor LA  4      
  Staff Governor FGB 4      
Kate McCallum Foundation Governor  Diocese 4      SEN Governor
Vacant Foundation Governor          
Catherine Worsfold Co-opted Governor FGB 4 10/07/2022     Vice Chair
Paul O'Brien Associate Member FGB 1 31/08/2018    
Catherine McElhinney Associate Member FGB 1 31/08/2018    
Cristina Mitchell Clerk          

* Governor has left the FGB

NameName of BusinessNature of Business*Nature of InterestDate of Appointment or AcquisitionDate of Cessation of InterestDate of Entry
Anna Austin Employed at school         13/09/2017
Christine Kerr Nil         13/09/2017
Kristin Tridimas Teaches at school French Club Self employed after school club French teacher 12/09/2016   28/09/2016
William Prescott  Compton All Saints' CofE Primary School  School  Ex Officio governor     13/09/2017 
Marcus Roe The Cabinet Rooms Collection Ltd Director Owner, potential conflict of interests with parents 07/04/2014   13/09/2017
Toby Guest Nil         04/10/2017
Victoria Ashdown           28/09/2016
Peter Mason Nil         13/09/2017
Paul O'Brien Employed at school         13/09/2017
Catherine McElhinney Employed at school         13/09/2017


  • governor elsewhere (please include school name)
  • related / married to member of staff (please include staff name)
  • employed at school

Governor Full Governing Body Meeting attendance records for academic year 2016-2017 are shown below.

NameNumber of meetings the governor should have attendedNumber of meetings attendedAttendance rate (%)
 Nick Pitters 12 12 100%
 Christine Kerr 12 10 83%
 Kristin Tridimas 12 11 92%
William Prescott 6 2 33%
 Peter Mason 18 14 78%
 Marcus Roe 18 17 94%%
 Toby Guest 12 9 75%
 Lucy Futter 12 10 83%
 Victoria Ashdown 6 2 33%
 Anna Austin 7 7 100%
 Bryan Vint* 6 4 67%

* Governor has left the FGB