The Federation of Ampfield & John Keble CofE Primary Schools

Faith In Learning

Executive Headteacher: Marcus Roe

Governor Information

Here are details of our governor responsibilities and meeting attendance.

Name Category Appointed By Term Of Office (no. of years & end date) Committee membership Responsibilities
Peter Mason Foundation Governor Diocese 4 22/04/2019 Pay Committee Chair of Governors
Toby Guest Parent Governor Parents 4 31/12/2018 HT Performance Management Committee Vice Chair
Christine Kerr Foundation Governor Diocese 4 31/08/2018 Pay Committee SEN Governor and Safer Recruitment
Kristin Tridimas Foundation Governor Diocese 4 31/08/2021 Hi Performance Management Committee  
William Prescott Foundation Governor
Marcus Roe Executive HT          
Victoria Ashdown Foundation Governor
Diocese     HT Performance Management Committee  
Vacant LA Governor          
Anna Austin Staff Governor  FGB  4  22/11/2020  IPA Committee  
Vacant Foundation Governor          
Vacant Foundation Governor          
Vacant  Co-opted Governor          
Paul O'Brien Associate Member FGB 1 31/08/2018    
Catherine McElhinney Associate Member FGB 1 31/08/2018    
Cristina Mitchell Clerk          
Lucy Futter* Parent Governor Parents 4 06/11/2017    
Jennifer Packer* LA Governor FGB 4 31/10/2017    
Bryan Vint* Foundation Governor Diocese 4 31/08/2017    
Edyth Miles* LA Governor FGB 4 15/03/2017    

* Governor has left the FGB

Name Name of Business Nature of Business* Nature of Interest Date of Appointment or Acquisition Date of Cessation of Interest Date of Entry
Anna Austin Employed at school         13/09/2017
Christine Kerr Nil         13/09/2017
Kristin Tridimas Teaches at school French Club Self employed after school club French teacher 12/09/2016   28/09/2016
William Prescott  Compton All Saints' CofE Primary School  School  Ex Officio governor     13/09/2017 
Marcus Roe The Cabinet Rooms Collection Ltd Director Owner, potential conflict of interests with parents 07/04/2014   13/09/2017
Toby Guest Nil         04/10/2017
Victoria Ashdown           28/09/2016
Peter Mason Nil         13/09/2017
Paul O'Brien Employed at school         13/09/2017
Catherine McElhinney Employed at school         13/09/2017


  • governor elsewhere (please include school name)
  • related / married to member of staff (please include staff name)
  • employed at school

Governor Full Governing Body Meeting attendance records for academic year 2016-2017 are shown below.

Name Number of meetings the governor should have attended Number of meetings attended Attendance rate (%)
 Nick Pitters 12 12 100%
 Christine Kerr 12 10 83%
 Kristin Tridimas 12 11 92%
William Prescott 6 2 33%
 Peter Mason 18 14 78%
 Marcus Roe 18 17 94%%
 Toby Guest 12 9 75%
 Lucy Futter 12 10 83%
 Victoria Ashdown 6 2 33%
 Anna Austin 7 7 100%
 Bryan Vint* 6 4 67%

* Governor has left the FGB